The Lawyer

I am a lawyer with expertise at trial and appellate levels. I started my own divorce firm in 2004. Recently, I added family-based immigration to my services. Before starting my own firm, I worked for a 500-lawyer Katten Muchin Rosenmann, LLP in Charlotte, North Carolina and at the New York office of the 800-lawyer Sullivan & Cromwell. I regularly […]

Clients Say

Here’s what clients and colleagues say. (Of course, you must remember that past results do not guarantee future returns.) “I can’t say enough kind words about Ms. Aylward. She is a top-notch attorney, so much so that comparing her to the average lawyer is unfair to her. She is attentive and thorough–you’ll have no doubt […]

Just Plain Divorce (a.k.a. uncontested divorce)

You and your spouse are eligible for uncontested divorce if you: Have lived under separate roofs for at least a year Have no argument about alimony, property, debts, or children At least one of you have lived in North Carolina for the last 6 months If, after talking to your spouse, you decide that uncontested divorce […]

Child Support, Alimony

Child Support How much you owe (or receive) in child support depends mostly on these 6 numbers: (1) how many children, (2) your income, (3) the other parent’s income, (4) cost of the medical insurance premiums (for the child), (5) the daycare cost and (6) the number of nights children spend with each parent. North […]


Winning in court is a great feeling, but it does not guarantee that you actually get the money. Maybe the Judge ordered your spouse to pay the child support, but your deadbeat spouse is not paying. That is frustrating. Maybe you are due alimony that is not coming in, or won a car that keeps sitting in […]

Collaborative Divorce

What is Collaborative Divorce? Some couples go to court to get the Judge decide their post-divorce lives. It feels right for them to have the Judge decide. Other couples rather fancy that they know their business better than any Judge.  That’s when collaborative law can come into play. (There’s also mediation or just plain settling.) These […]

How Much Will Lawyer Cost?

Although it is impossible to predict full legal costs of your divorce, below are some prices that might give you a rough idea.   Gift Certificates Gift certificates are available for first consultation only, for $450, $250 and $100. Email to order. Just Divorce Me $300 to 600 flat fee, PLUS court costs. (Don’t forget court costs, […]