How Much Will Lawyer Cost?

Although it is impossible to predict full legal costs of your divorce, below are some prices that might give you a rough idea.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for first consultation only, for $450, $250 and $100. Email to order.

Just Divorce Me

$300 to 600 flat fee, PLUS court costs. (Don’t forget court costs, they are substantial.)

This option is for you only if you and your spouse have no marital entanglements. No kids? No property? No debts? Nobody wants alimony? Just want out? In that case, try the “just divorce me” option.


First consultation lasts 40 to 90 minutes, depending on your circumstances. In addition, it entitles you to up to one hour review of your file pre-consultation and up to 20 minutes of post-visit questions.

$450 office visit

$400 phone or Skype

$500 house call


25 minutes $250 (phone or Skype)

10 minutes $100 (phone or Skype)

Second Opinion Services

If you already have a lawyer, and need a fresh pair of eyes; or you are a lawyer and need a consult, you qualify for the second opinion services pricing. I do not assume responsibility for your case, but I will give you my take.

$350 / hour

Virtual time (email, phone, Skype) is billed by the minute with no minimum requirement. For example, if you e-mail a question that takes four minutes, you will get a bill for $23; ten minutes for $58, and so on.

In-person time has $350 minimum; any time over one hour is also billed by the minute. For example, a visit of 40 minutes will cost you $350. A visit of 70 minutes will cost $408.

Consulting, Script Review

Are you a writer working on a scene set in court? Do you need to make sure that your scene jibes with the legal procedure and the legal jargon?

Are you a journalist covering a civil trial or appeal?  Are you getting lost in who sued whom, and who is the intervener? Confused by the jargon? Just would like a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a simple query? Give me a call.

North Carolina Lawyers Weekly has used and quoted me in its Court of Appeals’ coverage.

Appellate work

$350 / hour review of the file to determine feasibility of an appeal;

Fee for bringing / defending appeal determined after consultation

Trial work

$450 an hour

House calls

add $50 in Charlotte metro; outside of Charlotte metro—depends

Weekend Divorce / Destination Divorce

$9,000-35,000 if you qualify for this service.

No Money For a Lawyer?

I do not provide free consultations, but I do recommend this book to anybody who is going through divorce and is concerned with the costs.


Regardless of the irreverent title, “Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer” is a great resource for anyone who wants to understand how to best use lawyers (divorce or any other sort) and how to navigate the treacherous court system.

Also, look to the DIVORCE BOOKS page for book recommendations.