Just Plain Divorce (a.k.a. uncontested divorce)

You and your spouse are eligible for uncontested divorce if you:

  • Have lived under separate roofs for at least a year
  • Have no argument about alimony, property, debts, or children
  • At least one of you have lived in North Carolina for the last 6 months

If, after talking to your spouse, you decide that uncontested divorce is what you both want, then all that’s left is to prepare and file paperwork with the court. If you live in Mecklengburg, you will not even have to go to court.

Aylward Law makes the process of uncontested divorce smooth and as close to pleasant as divorce proceedings can possibly get. The Firm’s signature client care applies here: you can count on immediate updates as your divorce moves through the pipes of justice, on prompt responses to all your emails, and the customized attention to client needs that distinguishes Aylward Law boutique. As always, I do not promise the rock bottom cheapest price, but I do promise that pricing is extremely reasonable for the VIP level of care which is always provided. Click for reviews in Yellow Pages:

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Uncontested Divorce—Legal Fees (your cost varies, as explained below)

$300 Level 1. (Easy)

Your spouse is in board and will sign off on receipt of all the papers

$450 Level 2  (Harder)

Your spouse is aloof but will begrudgingly sign for certified mail on the first try

$600 Level 3  (Hardest)

Your spouse will do everything to avoid divorce. Around $600 flat fee, but email me with details. Additional costs might apply.

Uncontested Divorce Court Costs (Charged by the Court)


Note that the court might waive the fee in certain financial circumstances.