Clients Say

Here’s what clients and colleagues say. (Of course, you must remember that past results do not guarantee future returns.)

“I can’t say enough kind words about Ms. Aylward. She is a top-notch attorney, so much so that comparing her to the average lawyer is unfair to her. She is attentive and thorough–you’ll have no doubt that she knows your case and has done everything she can do for you. I cannot emphasize enough how much she helped me through her extensive experience and the top-notch quality of her work.”


“Meeting Ms. Aylward at what seemed the worst possible moment in my life was truly my good fortune. It seemed that I was out of options and my back was against the wall. I was scared and panicked. She re-arranged her schedule, met with me immediately and within 24 hours turned the whole situation around, giving me the courage to continue to do what I know is the right thing to do. Ms. Aylward is extremely knowledgeable and professional. After speaking with her and taking her legal advice I realized that I could and should stay the course and that any further instruction or representation from Ms. Aylward was in my best interest. I would highly recommend Ms. Aylward to anyone seeking a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.”

“When we contacted Dr. Ilonka Aylward, we were literally at the end of our rope.  About a year prior, my fiance had entered in to a separation agreement with his now ex-wife without the benefit of counsel.  It was an agreement that the ex-wife had commissioned a team of lawyers to draw up, and to say that it was egregious and one-sided is truly an understatement.  It didn’t take long for the ex-wife to begin exercising the powers granted to her through the agreement, and for my fiance to consequently realize that he had made a HUGE mistake.  As such, we met with an attorney in our home state of Pennsylvania to see what he might be able to do about the situation.  After reviewing the document my fiance had signed and declaring that it was “without question the worst separation agreement [he had] ever seen,” the only advice he felt he could give us was, “Don’t make her mad.”  We left his office that day feeling that our circumstances were utterly hopeless.  Soon thereafter, I began searching online for an attorney in North Carolina who might have the experience and expertise to help us, and that’s when I miraculously stumbled upon Dr. Aylward’s website.  Upon reviewing the separation agreement, which was approximately 15 pages long, she identified  one single, solitary sentence that gave us the foothold we needed to go to the court and have the entire matter revisited, which is exactly what we did.  To be fair, our legal journey has not been without its road blocks.  This was a complicated case, and the ex-wife wasn’t going to go down without a fight, but that didn’t faze Dr. Aylward in the least.  At one point, in fact, it even became necessary to take our case to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, but fortunately for us, Dr. Aylward counts appellate law among her extensive list of abilities.  We won our case, and I am thrilled to report that she has managed to un-do almost every single unfair element in my fiance’s separation agreement.  It is exclusively because of her talent, knowledge and dedication that we were able to reclaim our lives and our future, and for this, we will be eternally indebted to her.  And while she’ll freely admit that her services aren’t exactly bargain-priced, if your situation is in any way like ours, you honestly can’t afford to be without her.  She is nothing short of a legal genius, and based on our personal experience, we strongly recommend her and her firm’s services to anyone who is in need of results”
“Representation was 100% effective. Aylward knows the law and is powerful in presenting in court. She was able, in three months, to correct damages 2 previous attorneys had caused me, over 2 years and $24,000. I was devastated. Aylward was able to get the court to see the errors and bring me to a place where I have the hope of saving my son and being able to protect him.””I could not have had a better lawyer for my case than Ilonka Aylward. The level of professionalism and courtesy displayed was unmatched. She takes the time to listen to what you have to say and then suggests the proper course. I always knew exactly what was going on and if I didn’t her phone was always open. If I could I would hire her as a permanent lawyer because I know for a fact that my case and my life would not have been the same.”

“I have had the pleasure to work with Ilonka Aylward, and I recommend her firm highly. She is an articulate and skillful litigator who has the ability to be either collaborative or ferocious as the situation requires. She was extremely sensitive to the emotional issues of the client. Even when she was successfully playing hard-ball with the other side, she comported herself with dignity and professionalism. I was impressed that even the judge commented on how well-articulated her motion was. While the cost for her services is in the top echelon of divorce attorneys in Charlotte, her performance and results more than justify the expense.”

“From the first meeting we felt Ilonka Aylward was listening to our issues. We were very impressed with her knowledge and experience with family law and when we had some problems beyond family law she was she able to draw on other attorneys with that expertise. She always communicated in a timely manner and really tackled the problems head on. Her charges for services were less than we expected. We hope to not have to use her services in the future but if we have family law issues again it will be Ilonka Aylward we go to first.”

“I never imaged being in a position where I feel like I’ve lost control of my life. I’m going through an extremely frustrating separation. Ilonka has been a blessing. She has put my situation in perspective for me and has helped me on many occasions that seemed impossible. I would refer anyone I know or meet in a similar situation as mine to Ilonka for many reasons. She is reliably accessible, sincere and extremely crafty in her profession. I’m convinced that most attorneys could not have made me feel as protected and at ease. For me, I admire her approach and style. Ilonka has been most effective and a positive influence in my life. Thank you! Best regards, Kevin Ollis”

“I cannot say enough about Ilonka and her work! Having her handle the whole process has been the most positive aspect of the whole matter. She has given me sound advice and approached every question and situation protecting my interests. Great sense of humor and outstanding communication set her apart in my eyes from the rest of the lawyers I have dealt with. She answered all emails in a matter of 15-20 min and often much less than that! She was available any time over the phone or for a meeting. Beginning with initial consultation down to every visit to court, she always made me feel like I am her one and only client. She kept track of every detail of my case not forgetting a thing. She thought of more details that I could bring up going above and beyond protecting my interests. I will always be thankful to Ilonka for all the emotional support and creative ways of sorting out my case! THANK YOU! :)”

” Up the creek, without a paddle. Thanks to you, I’m not there. Thank you for all of the energy, emotion, time and effort you put into my case. I am grateful.”

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for my son. I so appreciate your patience in waiting for this final payment. We were blessed when we wandered across your name on the list. We are eternally grateful.”

“Thanks so much for your help! I’ve been trying for years to get my money back from him with no luck. For everyone else he was giving 50¢ on the dollar. He called us pretty quickly when he got the request for documentation.”

“If you need a divorce lawyer that is both professional and pitbull, Ilonka is who you need. My ex made every step as difficult as he possibly could, but Ilonka managed him well with his attempts “represent himself.” Her strategy and well preparedness worked in my favor in court, and I came away with a better than expected outcome. Thank You.”

“Ilonka Aylward has proven herself to be a wise level-headed woman. Her knowledge of the law was overwhelming to me. She has an ease about litigation, as if she invented it. There are so many “standard” jokes about attorneys and I have seen some that fir that image. Ilonka Aylward has proven with her work that she stands far above the word attorney. As a doctor I see “standard of care” in medicine. Those working in the legal field have seen “standard of care” there as well. I am her to say that I never want to settle for “standard of care” in any situation. If you want excellent care legally this is where you need to be. Ilonka Aylward has a passion for truth and justice. I call her our “super hero.” I hope the Charlotte Mecklenburg court system will make changes that will respect the law and our rights. There has to be a start somewhere and I firmly believe this attorney will show our court system what they have left behind. She is the meaning of “prepared.” Thank you from our family.”

“Hi – you were my attorney a few years back and I just stumbled upon your info while going through old records. Just wanted to say thanks for handling so painlessly — I know “thank you’s” in customer service are few and far between – so wanted to get one out to you while it was in front of me. Everything turned out for the best and life appears to be pretty good for the both of us. I see you’ve moved…hope that’s going well for you.”

“I want you to know how much I appreciate meeting with you, and your support of my situation. You are very smart and have a great sense of humor. I know your clients are fortunate to have you represent them. If I am ever in need again of legal advice I will not hesitate to contact you, and I will definitely refer anyone else who is [in] need of a family lawyer.”

“Ilonka, your forthrightness is very much appreciated and most helpful! Thank you for the time you spent via phone and in person to talk with me.”

“Thank you for everything. Especially your insight and your patience in dealing with me during this stressful time. You kept my head on at times and I don’t think I could have gotten through this without you.”

“Ilonka, Thank you so much for your wisdom and strategy. You have helped me keep my two kids from a lifetime of hurt and pain and kept them safely in this country. I appreciate you helping me keep my wits about me and focused on what matters and counts. I appreciate your time, effort, and fairness to keep my costs down. Thanks again and I wish you all the happiness life has to offer.”

“Please accept my sincere thanks to you for your efforts in planning the ethics program featuring Dean Gene Nichols this past year. By all accounts it was a highly successful program. Your CLE program, and all of our CLE programs, are a critical component in the education and professionalism of our Bar. These programs also provide essential financial support for the Mecklenburg County Bar. The Bar could never offer these programs to its members without the support of volunteers like you. Please accept the enclosed gift as a token of appreciation from the MCB CLE Committee for your efforts in support of the Bar and its members. I hope you will continue to support the Bar through contributions of your time and talent in the future.”

“I do understand what great lengths you are going to in order to help me and the girls. I refer you to persons that I come in contact with daily. I feel that you are a morally good and honest person which is evidently hard to find in this arena. I think you are a wonderful and honest person and a fabulous atty. You are the only lawyer in town that I will refer anyone to.”

“Ilonka — words are not enough! Without you I truly don’t know where I would be right now. UGH! You have inspired me in more than one way! Many thanks for everything.”

“I have had the pleasure of working professionally with Attorney Aylward. My own observations confirm that all of the nice things that former clients say about her are well justified. She is a very intelligent and imaginative lawyer. In addition, although she tries to settle matters as peacefully as possible, she is — unlike many lawyers who are all bluster — willing to “go to war” on behalf of a client when that is what it takes to get a good result. She, by temperament, [is] not a “good loser.” Who would want a good loser for a lawyer!”

“Dr. Aylward is an outstanding lawyer. It was my good fortune to find her at such a critical, crucial point in my life. She took my case and fought with dogged determination, never faltering. Her tenacity was not only incredible but contagious. After our first court appearance my ex-husband promptly fired his lawyer and immediately sought counsel from one of, if not the highest priced, well known law firms in NC. Dr. Aylward not only rose to the occasion but embraced it. It is hard to say who came to their senses first, my ex-husband or his lawyer. My ex-husband conceded and we settled out of court with a settlement that more than satisfied me. Dr. Aylward fought the fight and she did so fairly, with decency and respect. I cannot say enough in her regard.”

“Mom, she was the best lawyer you’ve had!” — Mario Sabates