Do you offer free consultation?


Are you open on the weekends? Evenings?

Yes. Any day or time you need, by appointment.

Do you charge extra for working on the weekends?

Not generally.  I do not charge extra for scheduled work on weekends and in the evening.  I may charge extra, however, if urgent work becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond my control and requires me and my team to work overnight or to cancel other engagements.  An example of such occurrence is when you rush into our offices asking for help only weeks before a trial.  Assuming that I take your case under these conditions, you may be billed extra charges if the work cannot be accommodated during normal hours.

How much will my divorce cost?

For hourly rates, look at the section titled “FEES.” How many hours it will take depends on you and your spouse.

I heard you practice out of your house?

Yes. So does the British Prime Minister, and the Empire still runs.

Where do I park?

Right in front, drive through the gates. No parking mazes or color-coded elevators.

Do you make house calls?


If you do not want the additional stress of shlepping to a lawyer’s office, just ask.

Can I bring a friend? My child? My dog?

Yes, but keep in mind that some things you tell me in front of your friend might not be covered by confidentiality.

I have a strict “no children” policy.

Dogs can be accommodated, but call ahead.

I am out of town, but need help.

Don’t worry. We can meet by phone or Skype. Some people have been my clients for years without ever meeting me in person.

I am out of the country.

Still does not matter. If your timezone is vastly different, we will find a time that does not put it in the middle of your night.

Why should I hire you? What’s so special?


When you come to see me, I never make you wait. If you call or e-mail, I answer the same day, usually within hours. If a legal point does not make sense, I explain it as many times as you’d like. You never have to wonder where your case stands. I do not take every case that comes in, and I do not take more cases than I can comfortably serve.



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