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If you are thinking divorce, first thing you need is a harsh dose of divorce court reality.

For reality check, first read “Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer?” (The answer is yes, but that turns out to be so not the point.) For more about the book, read here.

After you finish this book, your view of the law and the divorce courts will not be the same, I promise.

And you do not have to take my word for it: just read the Amazon reviews. According to the readers just like you, “Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer?” offers “grimy sausage-making of how the law really works” and the book will make you “realize what a dysfunctional mess the legal system is, how much it is going to negatively disrupt their life, and how little they are ever going to get out of it. It’s like gambling . . . but no fun, way more expensive, and somehow less morally worthwhile for society.”

Terrified yet? Amazon reviewer number one opines that the horrors of litigation described in the book “will convince you it’s better to stay in a terrible marriage than go through the hell of divorce litigation.”

And the consensus among the readers is that the book is not only eye-opening, but also gives “very practical advice on how to work with your lawyer to get the best outcome.”

You should have read “Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer” before you made your wedding vows, but it only came out in 2016. So check out your copy today.


Adultery, Cheating, Infidelity

If infidelity is an issue, do not waste another day: run out and buy Chump Lady’s “Leave a Cheater” bible. Lock yourself in the house, and do not emerge until you finished every page, and can tell whether you are a unicorn, cake, or being used for kibbles.


Do not embark on divorce litigation until you finish your copy of “Getting to Yes” and re-read all the parts you highlighted. No, it is not a book about divorce. It is a book about winning in negotiation. You read it right. Winning. In negotiation.

Harvard-trained authors of “Getting to Yes” will help you keep your emotions in check as you are negotiating your way to the bigger piece of the divorce pie. And the best part is . . . you do not have to hide this book from your spouse. In fact, you are better off both reading it. Yes, both of you will be better off. Why? Because divorce is not a zero-sum game. Read the book to find out why. Do it now.


. . . and finally, to take your mind off your troubles, read some fun fiction….

Divorce is hard. You deserve a break, and you must have some fun. These lighthearted stories of a newly minted divorce lawyer, trying to forge her way in Ducklingburg, South Duck, will keep you in good spirits, but will also (hopefully) teach you a lot about divorce courts, divorce judges, and divorce lawyers. Portia Porter’s Family Court Series—get your copies on Amazon.

But don’t forget the Classics …