Arrange Your First Visit

Don’t you just hate waiting in lawyers’ offices when all you need is for somebody to answer one question? Well, a problem no more!

The new fee schedule accommodates those times when all you need is a ten-minute chat on the phone. For a price starting with $50, book five minutes, ten minutes, or half an hour on the phone or Skype.

Of course, you still can go on to the full 1.5 hour meeting, where we will review your case, consider your options, make a plan, and have you oriented.

Consultation $450 (up to 90 minutes)

“Just a few questions” consultation $250 (30 minutes, phone / Skype)

“Mini-Consultation” $100 (10 minutes, phone/Skype)

“One question” $50 (5 minutes, phone/Skype)

Immigration questions — please email for fees.

Gift certificates are available e-mail